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elk hunts
Its sometimes easier to put a good bull 20 yards in front of a bow hunter during the September bugle than it is to put one within 200 yards of the late season gun hunter. Destinations in 5 western states plus Canada... LEARN MORE


deer hunts
At Tundratour we know what a good deer hunt is all about whether your choice is to bow hunt, gun hunt or muzzleloader. Representing nearly 20 destinations for Whitetails alone... LEARN MORE


moose hunts
Hunt the largest of all North American antlered game with destinations in Newfoundland, Quebec, Manitoba and British Columbia plus Shiras Moose in the Rockies or hunt the big boys in Alaska and Yukon Territories... LEARN MORE


bear hunts
Black bears, brown bears, color phase bears and Big bears. We host 30 or more clients a year in pursuit of big bruins and with destinations that guarantee shot opportunity, nobody touches our success... LEARN MORE


sheep goats hunts
High peaks adventure for snow white Billys and all of the curl family; Dall Sheep, Stone Sheep and Rocky Mountain rams. North America’s most challenging big game and we have the best destinations with high success... LEARN MORE


antelope hunts
The fastest of North American land mammals and with keener eyesight than an old tom turkey, pronghorns are great western game animals and we have the destinations from Montana to New Mexico and all points in between... LEARN MORE


lions hunts
When we have the right conditions, and in the Northern Rockies, we're talking fresh snow, lion hunting can be one of the most exciting and exhilarating of all "chase" hunts. Thrill to the bay of the hounds... LEARN MORE


carbou hunts
Our company was founded in the caribou hunting business of Canada's arctic tundra hence our namesake. We work with the best outfitters and over the years have hosted thousands of successful clients... LEARN MORE


fish hunts
We offer some great destinations for a variety of species. From Alaska and Canada's far western provinces to Quebec, Labrador and the Maritimes, the North Country's cold clear waters are a fisherman's dream come true... LEARN MORE

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